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We Make Fitness FUN and Relaxing
Healthy Fun Fitness also offers massage therapy that customizes the massage to the needs of their clients. We give full body massages with the individual's specific needs. We take our time and do not rush our massages. Our massages are the full length of the time purchased and that does not included your initial intake form or changing. For relaxation, personal and auto injuries, and workman's .
If You are looking for a great place to get a massage, then answer these questions:
Do you want a massage for the full length of time you purchased that is 60 minute not 50minute
Do you want to be worked on a little longer in the specific area that hurts you???
Do you want to relax and feel safe while you get a massage and any other spa treatment?
Do you want a therapist that is friendly, nice and clean?
Do you want your table heated if you are usually cold or It's a raining cold day???
Do you want a great massage at an affordable rate without membership fee ?
If you answered yes to all of these questions then pleases call us at 866-565-1449 to make an appointment to try out. Our prices are lower than our competitor and we do not believe in charging you a membership fee.  That should be great to hear.
Healthy Fun Fitness & Massage offers a fun and convenient alternative to going to the gym. We have professional personal trainers who will work with you in the privacy of our studio. Or to design an exciting and effective program that helps you attain your fitness goals.
You can also train with Healthy Fun Fitness & Massage at our newly renovated training center located in Hyde Park. The site is fully equipped with a treadmill, free weights, and other exercise equipment to provide you with a comfortable and fun fitness experience. Healthy Fun Fitness& Massage is a private space where you will work one-on-one with a trainer.
Having a personal trainer who works with you one-on-one not only saves you time and money, but also ensures that you stick to your fitness goals. The personal trainer will guide, educate, and motivate you towards achieving your fitness goals.
Healthy Fun Fitness & Massage also offers for relaxation, personal and auto injuries, and workman's compensation injuries. 
At Healthy Fun Fitness & Massage  we create a healthy and balanced fitness atmosphere. We also provide a FREE 10-15 minute consultation over the phone!
Please do not contact this therapist if you are seeking any kind of sexual, illegal, or inappropriate services.
Call us TODAY for your FREE consultation!
891 Hyde Park Avenue
Hyde Park, MA 02136
4258 Washington Street 2flr. Suite 4
Roslindale, Mass. 02131
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